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  • 5.2.5 Chat Bubble

    We have paid subscriptions. Only the Paid Subscriptions, which are set up as a "custom usergroup" in the admin, are allowed to use the chat or pm/messenger options.
    How do I disable the chat for all other usergroups? I want the talk bubbles to only appear on my paid subscription users.

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    AdminCP / Usergroup Options / Private Message Permissions / Can Use vBMessenger?


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      I have this done; Admin CP/Options/Private Messaging and vB Messanger Options/Enable vB Messenger=Yes
      In each User Group that should not have access to the messanger/chat system I have this setting: Adim CP/Usergroup Manager/Edit Usergroup/Private Message Permissions/Can Use vB Messenger:= No

      With these settings the standard, not paid subscription forum user still has access to the chat bubble displayed by their username with in a threads post.

      If I set this Admin CP/Options/Private Messaging and vB Messanger Options/Enable vB Messenger=No then all users lose the chat bubble even if their usergroup is set to allow.
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        I see what you mean. That seems like a bug.


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