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Installing 5.2.4 -- .htaccess file missing on the upload to server.

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  • Installing 5.2.4 -- .htaccess file missing on the upload to server.


    I am installing the latest version of VBulletin.

    I deleted the old version because I just purchased it last week.. so I decided to start over.

    After uploading all the files and trying to go to MyAdmin.. I was getting an error.. last time I had that error from my previous installation it had to do with .htaccess file..

    I see from Filezilla that the file has been transferred with the proper name, but when I check on my cpanel file manager, it shows all the files but .htaccess ...

    Where would this file go and why it isn't showing up?

    I tried to directly transfer it, and still not showing up on my cpanel.

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    This is pretty bad...

    The website is very plain ... seems like incomplete or bad coding, or as if the page has problems on loading...

    When I try /admincp/ it doesn't recognize any password and gives me a File not found (404 error)


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      In some cases, .htaccess file is hidden in cPanel. There is a setting in cPanel to show hidden files.

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        Now its working.. I got the new version set up just as I did with the old one.

        Now just need to try to do some of the stuff I was doing with the other version...

        Still have some open tickets on how to change colors for background and tabs... and adding text properly..


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