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How can you change the color of your body background?

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  • How can you change the color of your body background?

    I saw this older video on youtube... in which she adds a picture...

    I want to change the color to D6D6D6.... hit preview and save... go to my website ... and there are no changes!!

    I created a template without a parent style... still can't make changes....

    Can somebody tell me how to go about making these changes pls?

    PS... is there a way to lock a certain style without having the users change it???? I would like to keep a single style that everybody can see without changing it..

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    To change the background color, following the steps in the video, but instead of changing the URL for a picture, just change the color code in the field right above it, then click Save.
    You may not have seen changes on your site if the site was not displaying the Style you were making changes to.

    To prevent users from choosing their own preferred style go to the Admin CP.
    Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings.

    Here you can set the default style for your site and you can disable users' ability to change the style.
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