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Accidentally deleted Latest Topics Module

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  • Glenn Vergara
    You have to at least set the "Date Range" field. You may also want to select "Forum" in the "Sources" combobox.

    Btw, I have created the new Latest Topics module with forum name that you requested on my site. Check it out there.

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  • hunter22375
    started a topic Accidentally deleted Latest Topics Module

    Accidentally deleted Latest Topics Module

    I accidentally deleted my Latest Topics module that I use for the side bar. I know its a search module but I cannot figure out how to recreate it. What I have now gives me an error that says [QUOTE]Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again./QUOTE] Any ideas what I need to do here? I have tried adding several types of criteria with the same result.

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