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When copying a post to Articles, attachments not shown.

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  • When copying a post to Articles, attachments not shown.

    I have a big issue with attachments.
    First of all, my system was vbulletin 4, upgraded to 5.1.9 then upgraded to last 5.2.3

    When i open a topic (that has attached images) and copy it to another channel , attachments not shown. Attachments are there on the bottom of page but on the post do not show and instead i see something like [ATTACH=CONFIG]n8568[/ATTACH]

    What i do:

    I open a post and select it then i click "Copy posts"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb1.png
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Size:	364.6 KB
ID:	4351360

    i select the destination where post to be copied:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb2.png
Views:	12
Size:	139.8 KB
ID:	4351361

    Once it's copied, attachments are not shown in post but there are in bottom.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb3.png
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Size:	279.6 KB
ID:	4351362

    As i see, after copying, the attachment ID's on the post are kept from original post, but on copied post attachment id's are different. I guess thats the reason why not showing on copied post.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb4.png
Views:	21
Size:	281.3 KB
ID:	4351363

    How can i fix this serious issue?

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    Moving posts to the articles section isn't really an intended behaviour. It works, but what you end up with is effectively a post that's in the wrong section, because it is the wrong content type, so it doesn't behave precisely as a article ought to.

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      Same thing happens when i copy posts to another forum. It has not to do especially with articles.


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        Try rebuilding attachment thumbnails after the move.

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          i did rebuild from ACP>Options>Message Attchments options"
          there is no rebuild attachments from "Maintenance" Section in vb 5.2.3
          but nothing changed. still having issue
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            This seems to be a bug. When the topic/post is copied, the attachments are given a new number. So, perhaps they were n715 in the original post, well, after copying the post, it is given a new number like n1189. However, the copied post still references the original attachment number of n715 so you end up with just the bbcode. I have written it up here -

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              i was pretty sure that this is a bug. i hope to be resolvd soon.


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                This is actually a design decision that was implemented in vBulletin 5. Attachments cannot be reused. You will need to upload them to the copied article as well. However the issue is in JIRA and changing the design is being evaluated.
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