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Delete Sent Messages for User does not work in 5.2.3

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  • Delete Sent Messages for User does not work in 5.2.3

    "Delete Sent Messages for User" does not work in 5.2.3
    From user AdminCP

    When you run it again it says their are no sent messages left but the user is still over their quota and stats show they are still there.
    The process thinks the PMs are deleted.

    Delete All Messages works fine from user AdminCP.

    I have a user with over 65535 messages and 64000 are in the sent folder.
    They cannot send PMs until they are below the maximum.
    There is no way to remove some without removing all.
    Unless you want to delete this many 20 at a time.


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    I'm not sure this process works from the AdminCP. I have a feeling it's a leftover from vB4. I'll have to do some testing but I'm fairly certain these have to be deleted by the user from the front end.

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      How does he delete 64,000 from the front end?
      Then how do you empty the trash?

      Delete all messages works fine but he also has 2000 messages in his inbox I don't want to delete.
      Don't seem figure out any way to export them out and SQL queries sound like they are really tricky.


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        Well I managed to clear out the trash folder through PHP Admin using these queries.
        Sorry to lazy to write it into an all in one query but you get the idea.

        DELETE FROM `$Database`.`node` WHERE `node`.`nodeid` = 895843 AND `node`.`userid` = 1903;
        DELETE FROM `$Database`.`sentto` WHERE `sentto`.`nodeid` = 895843 AND `sentto`.`userid` = 1903 AND `sentto`.`folderid` = 13675;
        DELETE FROM `$Database`.`privatemessage` WHERE `privatemessage`.`nodeid` = 895843;
        13675 is the folder id of trash for this user so this should work for other folders if you know their ID.
        Each user has different folder IDs so you will have to look it up by user id.

        SELECT * FROM `messagefolder`WHERE `userid` = 1903
        Click image for larger version

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          That still didn't help.

          the stats show the user is under the limit but he still cannot send messages.

          What is stopping this. He cannot delete anything cause it just goes to trash.
          I thought I emptied the trash and still he cannot send messages.

          Is there some flag when they go over the limit somewhere?

          This is ridiculous that PMs cannot be properly managed.

          Can the PM limit be increased? I have set it higher than the maximum like 100,000 but it just reverts to the maximum.

          How can i fix this user?
          It doesn't appear to me that there is actually any way to clear out trash or deleted messages.
          Even straight from the database it doesn't work.


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            Try clearing system cache in AdminCP.

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              Choose "Delete All User's Private Messages" from the quick links drop down.

              Deleting messages sent by the user doesn't affect their own private messages. It is an anti-spam tool to clear the messages they sent to others before you ban or delete them.
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