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Skewed navbar links 5.2.3

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  • Skewed navbar links 5.2.3

    I just updated my site, and the navbar menu is skewed.

    Click image for larger version

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    I noticed this was an issue for some during the beta version, but what is the solution?

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    same issue for me? what is the fix?


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      I saw that issue here in one of the themes during Beta/RC release and it was mentioned in the release discussion thread. I'm not sure if that was fixed.

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        The only thing I saw was credentials shared with a tech. I don't know the resolution. I have also opened a trouble ticket.


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          The issue here occurred in only one style and was apparently an out of date template. If that helps.
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            How was the template fixed?


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              Originally posted by NumNum View Post
              How was the template fixed?
              Are you familiar with editing templates in the style manager? There were lots of changes in the header template.


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                Originally posted by Mackey View Post

                Are you familiar with editing templates in the style manager? There were lots of changes in the header template.
                Not at all familiar, none of my templates are modified. The only modifications made were additional css.


                • NumNum
                  NumNum commented
                  Editing a comment

                  Yes, I had modified the fonts in my default template. I have reverted back to default and it fixed the layout. Glen Combe
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                I will give it a go... but where do I change the fonts... dont recall ever changing them actually?


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                  It's something to do with your blue-green template, your default is fine. Not sure what may be the issue.


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                    update: I reverted back my header template in that style and it fixed the issue.. just not sure what I wiped out.... but it did fix the layout issue.


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                      works for me, just revert the header template and is fixed, if your header is modified just copy your mode code to wordpad > revert the header template > paste your mode code back to header template.
                      all the best


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