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Login Error on 5.2.3 w/ PHP 7.0.9

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  • Login Error on 5.2.3 w/ PHP 7.0.9

    I upgraded my website tonight to 5.2.3. The upgrade took place with my server running php v5.6.24 and appears to have went well. After upgrading, I decided to try and change my php version back to 7.0.9 (was running 7.0.7 until a few days ago) and received the following login error when logging in...this is different from the login error I experienced a couple days ago when my hosting company upgraded from 7.0.7 to 7.0.9 (the error a few days ago was the common error many other experienced).

    Screenshot 2016-08-03 01.25.44.png

    My server error logs have the following: [03-Aug-2016 07:27:17 UTC] PHP Warning: Parameter 3 to vB_Session_WebApi::getSession() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/sitename/public_html/core/vb/request.php on line 226

    Not sure if this is a known bug, cache issue, or a problem related to 7.0.9. It's a shame because my site speed was noticeably improved running php7. As soon as I reverted back to 5.6.24, the error went away and I was able to login again.

    Any ideas on how to fix or will we need to wait on another update to 5.2.3 to correct this?

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      Ugh...I was thinking it was a different bad. Bummer, the speed improvements of 7.0.x are very noticeable. I'm hoping a fix will come out sooner rather than later. I know VB didn't upgrade our servers to these php versions but the system requirements on the VB download page should probably warn people that VB isn't compatible with all versions of php7. Right now, the system requirements for 5.2.1+ implies that it's compatible with any version of php7.


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        At this time, on some setups, you will need to run php 7.0.7. The issue should be fixed in the next release.

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          I applied the patch file from this post and it fixed the problem.


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