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Designated 'report' forum not reporting in designated forum

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  • Designated 'report' forum not reporting in designated forum

    designated forum doesn't receive reportsFor aeons now I've had a specific forum with fancy permissions (so only admins, mods & reporting member) can view - so as far as each member is concerned, only their reports are in that fora. I guess it has a 'ticket system' feel to it.

    And it's worked wonderfully since day one.. until -- dun dun duuuun -- I upgraded to vb5.

    Along with a million other things, this has ceased to function now so I'm gonna guess it's another new feature of VB5. What it does do is send reports to admins (well, I get reports so I presume fellow admins do too) but it does not store them in the selected fora as per the attached image.

    Now, if this is how it's supposed to work - by reporting only to admins directly - WHY is this portion of the ACP still here?
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    Flagged posts now go to Flag Reports folder in Message Center. It's a known issue that some vB4 settings are still not removed in vB5 AdminCP.

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