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Possible bug #1234681974.5c

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  • Possible bug #1234681974.5c

    Found another feature of VB5, it doesn't seem to want you to edit someone's account when logging into ACP via the "Edit User" icon on a member's profile page.

    Although it appears to log in to ACP smoothly, it then presents a blank 'user details' page rather an occupied (with pertinent member's details) one.

    VB 5.4.1 - PHP 7..2.4 - MySQL 5.5.56
    No Addons - none at all.

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    In my experience, you need to already have an active admin session for this to work.
    Having logged in, if you go and click the icon again you'll find it works.

    There is already an open bug report for this somewhere.

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      Yes, I noted this after I'd retraced my steps... I logged back and it showed all details.

      I don't recall this occurring in previous editions, though I may just not have observed it.
      VB 5.4.1 - PHP 7..2.4 - MySQL 5.5.56
      No Addons - none at all.


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