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Can I change default replies in articles?

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  • Can I change default replies in articles?

    I'd like to have a few more replies shown at once if possible... It seems odd having a 'more' style button instead of a 'page 2' (not a complaint, just saying).
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    If I understand your question correctly, this is handled via the "Article Display Module". Go to an article, open Site Builder (Frontend > Edit Site YES > Edit Page) and edit the module. There you find "Initial Comments per Page" (default is 3) and "Comments per Page" (default is 25). Change those numbers and hit the Save Page button.


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      That's it, thanks.

      However, I did this using a recent article and edited to show 100 replies. I then cleared the cache. Then, I used a separate browser and loaded an article with 20+ replies.. and it still shows 3.

      Does this have to be done per article or am I missing something obvious?

      OK, I've tested this on a couple of articles both recent & older; neither are showing more than the default 3 replies at a time even though the edit has been recorded & stored.
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        Articles use Comments. These are a little different than replies. There is no way to increase this at this time. You can create an improvement request JIRA to do so.
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        • karlm
          karlm commented
          Editing a comment
          Yeah... that's a definite improvement, for an admin to be able to control how many 'responses' (to be fully inclusive) can be viewed at a time. Seeing such a small number with the 'show more' link being so small.. I wouldn't be surprised if it deceives a few viewers into thinking it's had no feedback.

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