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vb5_nodehash Table is Crashing Periodically

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  • vb5_nodehash Table is Crashing Periodically

    I can't figure out exactly what leads to it, but sometimes it takes a few weeks and sometimes it takes a few hours to get one of these error messages:

    Database error in vBulletin 5.2.2:

    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT * FROM vb5_nodehash
    WHERE `dupehash` = 3922050991 AND `userid` = 77 AND `dateline` > 1467564152
    LIMIT 1;

    MySQL Error : Table './[ourdatabasename]/vb5_nodehash' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
    Error Number : 145
    Request Date : Sunday, July 3rd 2016 @ 09:47:32 AM
    Error Date : Sunday, July 3rd 2016 @ 09:47:32 AM
    Script : http:///create-content/text/
    Referrer :
    IP Address : [IP is here]
    Username : [username is here]
    Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
    MySQL Version :

    When I manually repair and optimize the table, it starts working again, perhaps for a few weeks or perhaps for a few hours. I can setup a cron job to periodically fix the table, but is there a way to try and get to the bottom of what is causing the error?

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    I'd appreciate any help and can provide more diagnostics if I know where to look. Even with the daily cron job this is still a problem at times.


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      tables shouldn't crash periodically or at all. I suspect something else is at work causing the issue. If it was an issue with a query or operation in vBulletin I'd think the issue would be more wide spread.


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        As Zachery mentions, this shouldn't be happening. You should speak to your host about it.

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          Thanks for the info. After 26 messages back and forth with Dreamhost, the most plausible explanation is that they are killing processes on the shared server when usage gets high. Frustratingly, I'm still not sure that this is the problem, and don't have an appealing path forward, short of changing hosts.


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