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  • Articles Page Modification Help

    I'm trying to make my home page have a clean look using the Articles page and am not a huge fan of the filter bar, subscribe button, etc.

    Is there any way to do the following:
    1. Move the filter and subscribe options in to a module that can be loaded in the right column
    2. Move page navigation to the bottom
    I think this would give it a cleaner look and be better suited as the homepage of a website.

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    This would require customising the code, which we don't provide any support for.

    You could try asking on, the modification and customisation site.

    TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.4 Demo
    AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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      #1) You can do this with Site Builder. Just drag and drop the activity module to the right column.

      #2)No sure exactly what you mean by this.


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        Maybe this will help. Specifically, I don't like how the filter/navigation bar look on the home page. I'd like the articles to be the first thing the user sees after the header/main nav bar.

        The items circled in green, would ideally be put in a module loaded in a column on the right. The page nav, circled in red, would be found at the bottom of the page, so the user can navigate to older articles.

        If it's not possible to split it up in this manner, is there a way to move the entire thing below the articles, rather than on top?


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          You can move stuff around or hide items with CSS, but the nav bar has special attributes that make it float at the top of the screen while scrolling down which will complicate things a little but will have to be dealt with. What you want exactly is possible with custom coding. Like Mark mentioned, you can post a request in the paid or unpaid section on There aren't many developing on vb5 but someone may bite.


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