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  • Posts are changed to all lower case letters

    I have a stock installation of vb 5.2.1 and dont have any hacks or plugins.
    I was posting articles by copying text from a word dcument. All was fine, but from some point when I post the content, the text started to be changed into all lower case letters. The other formatting is not changed. In preview the text looks fine, but when I post it, it appears all in lower case letters.
    When afterwards I edit the text manually by isterting captial letters, they are saved normally.
    As I said, the problem appeared out of nowhere and it was working fine before.

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    In AdminCP / Settings / Options / Message Posting And Editing Options
    Prevent 'SHOUTING'
    Prevent your users 'shouting' in their topic titles/message text by changing all-uppercase titles with at least this many characters to capitalization only on the first letters of some words.

    Set the value to 0 to disable this function.

    Disable this for some international forums with different character sets, as this may cause problems.


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      Thank you, that helped.


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