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  • "Working" problem

    We still have a problem with "Working..." after posting some text. Here is an error from console:

    Ckeditor: Initializing placeholder text ckeditor-rollup-521.js:146
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of undefined @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:146 @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:141
    F @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:2326
    vBulletin.ckeditor.initPlaceholder @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:2326
    (anonymous function) @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:2326
    j @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:75 @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:77 @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:78 @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:305
    vBulletin.ckeditor.resetEditor @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:2326
    vBulletin.contentEntryBox.resetForm @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:61
    vBulletin.contentEntryBox.callbackSubmitSuccess @ ckeditor-rollup-521.js:61
    c.success @ footer-rollup-521.js:305
    C @ footer-rollup-521.js:305
    But I can't find the source of that issue. Some people have that problem very often and someone - only few times in a month.
    I'm an Ukrainian developer, so I'm sorry for my bad English

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    I think Glenn Vergara has a fix for this. Check out his profile signature or his site.


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      I too have recently been experiencing this same issue where posts hang on the Working... screen and I just want to quickly send a big time thanks and shout out to Glenn Vergara for that fix! And thank you for posting that link in here TLMD


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        Glad my fix helped you.

        They said this issue is fixed in the next version 5.2.2. If it is, then you can disable or remove my fix when you upgrade.

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          Will be waiting for the update. And yeah, thank you for the fix.
          I'm an Ukrainian developer, so I'm sorry for my bad English


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