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  • Mark.B
    Whatever you do, don't go changing stuff directly in the database. You risk breaking your site, and support may not be able to recover it.

    The URL structure cannot be changed and is deliberate:

    /forum - the forum section
    /blogs - the blogs section
    /articles - the articles section

    And so on.

    The double 'forum' is there because your site is installed in a folder called 'forum', so you the forum section is /forum/forum

    Kind Regards

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  • TPlace
    started a topic Change user friendly url address

    Change user friendly url address


    Is there a possibility to change the URL slug on the forum?
    Currently I have forum address like
    By default forum module add own prefix /forum, so my address looks like:

    I would like to change second forum slug to something else but this is not so easy

    Direct change in the database (node - urlident) do not change urls (even after cache update).

    Is there any other solution to change this URL slug?

    Thank you in advance.

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