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Login permissions and other weird happenings seemingly only effecting Windows 7

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  • Login permissions and other weird happenings seemingly only effecting Windows 7

    This is a puzzler.

    When using my forum from my work computer (Windows 7) using Chrome and/or Firefox (current versions) I can not mark channels as read, dismiss messages, or reliably access the site builder. Members of the forum on Windows 7 are also reporting similar issues - unable to access social groups that have permissions to block unregistered members, unable to mark channels as read, etc.

    However, when on my home computer (iMac) using Chrome and/or Safari I have no issues. I've also tested this on my iPhone - no issues.

    On the PC, I've done complete cache/cookie clears a number of times on both Firefox and Chrome to no avail.

    On the occasional refresh some things do work. For example I can refresh the page once, twice sometimes three or more times and eventually I can access the site builder, but once I click save/exit without saving and try to reaccess the site builder it asks for admin password and refreshes the page without an error message or granting me access.

    The strange thing is that I am only seeing this on my Windows 7 PC, I've been polling my members and no one with a mac is experiencing problems, two people running Windows 10 are running fine, and three people running Windows 7 are having similar issues.

    What would effect ONLY Windows 7? It seems to me like there shouldn't be anything related to the OS of a system specifically, as the sites are loaded through browsers, but is there anything anyone can think of that'd cause this problem?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    There's nothing in vBulletin that would only affect a particular operating system.

    Try creating a new style with no parent, ask any affected users to change to that style and see if they have the same problem.

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      Thanks for the reply Mark. I've switched styles on my own account that experiences the issues and they still occur. It's really strange and I haven't the foggiest idea why it would be happening only on Windows 7. I have users that run Windows 10 and Windows 8 both of which are saying things are fine, OSX everything is fine, Android phones everything is fine, Safari on iPhone is fine. However - there's something about Window's 7 and my install that is mucking up the waters.

      Very strange.


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