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Just upgraded to VB5. Having trouble locating how to change things and experiencing errors

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  • Just upgraded to VB5. Having trouble locating how to change things and experiencing errors

    Site is
    Version 5.1.10

    Currently using RedFox-Fluid-Style which we have modified to fit our desired look. There are still some text/background clashes which we are trying to locate and resolve which I may ask about later but I want to address the non-functioning portions of our site first.

    1. We had a section called What's New on our previous version. When we updated, this became New Topics. We changed the name back and made sure that in each location where it was displayed as new topics it was changes to What's New. It did not function correctly. Our developer made a change, which I will include the details of once I have heard back from him, that was supposed to make it work. And it seemed like it did. Specific content was showing up but only about 10-15 posts. Not a list of newest to oldest that should be there.

    2. In our advanced search section if you click on the search button without content in the search bar the page just freezes. I am on Firefox when I tested this if that matters. If and when I go to leave the page it will show an error saying there is no content in the search box but it does not pop up unitl you go to leave the page. Does that make sense?

    3. Check the Attached picture. I am seeing posts appear without any content. As far as I know there is not a special or visitors messages section on our site so I don't know how or where this is being posted. If I click the special link it says I do not have permission to go there. I can go into the blank messages themselves and the visitors messages sections though. I just don't know how others are navigating and apparently trying to post here.

    Let me know what other information you may need. And thanks in advance.
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    Here is the coding used for New Topics -

    The search link used for New Topics on the forums is:

    search?searchJSON=%7B%22date%22%3A%22lastVisit%22%2C%22view%22%3A%22topic%22%2C%22unread_o nly%22%3A1%2C%22sort%22%3A%7B%22lastcontent%22%3A%22desc%22%7D%2C%22exclude_type%22%3A%5B% 22vBForum_PrivateMessage%22%5D%7D


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      We can't help with problems with your style. You will need to contact the author of that style directly.

      1) New Topics and "What's New" are two different things. New Topics is the equivalent of the New Posts functionality in vB4. What's New is the same as the Latest Activity tab in the forum listing. The code above only shows from your last visit which is as little as 15 minutes.

      2) Don't submit a search without keywords. It could submit a bad search. I haven't been able to replicate this yet. On this site, it immediately errors out. Do you get the freeze on your site using one of our themes or the default style?

      3) All vBulletin 5 have the Special and Visitor Message channels. These are required. There is a fix in the upcoming 5.2.1 to hide visitor messages from general searches.
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        I am now getting an increasing number for 404 errors from Google. Seems like forum pages may be disappearing. I have contacted our website devoloper and made him aware. I was told the link format has changed for better SEO. The thing is though that I have searched some titles of topics and am unable to locate them. Have you heard of this?

        This is a bad 404 error link - When I search Chain Drive Steering it does not bring up this post.

        Please advise. Thank you.


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