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Guest in who's online: PM Option help

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  • Guest in who's online: PM Option help


    In the who is online section, it displays our guests with a 'send PM' link. We don't want guests to receive PMs. It seems counter to every setting on our site.

    Please let me know how to remove this. I can't find it in settings. And a search here in the forum did not come up with anything helpful.

    Version: 5.2

    thank you,


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    Currently, the online module template does not check for PM permissions when displaying the "Send PM" link. You have to edit the onlineuser_details template to fix this.

    Change: (there are 2 instances of this)

    <a href="{vb:raw baseurl}/privatemessage/new/{vb:raw onlineUser.userid}">{vb:phrase send_pm}</a>

    <vb:comment><a href="{vb:raw baseurl}/privatemessage/new/{vb:raw onlineUser.userid}">{vb:phrase send_pm}</a></vb:comment>
    <vb:if condition="$onlineUser['userid'] > 0">
        <a href="{vb:raw baseurl}/privatemessage/new/{vb:raw onlineUser.userid}">{vb:phrase send_pm}</a>
    This fix still doesn't check for PM permissions but it only checks if user is logged in, it displays the "Send PM" link. Otherwise, it doesn't display the link.

    Note that editing existing templates is not recommended as your changes may get overwritten or may have a merge conflict you have to resolve every time you upgrade.

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      Hi Glenn,

      Thank you for the fast help. I appreciate it. I will keep a backup of the original file and make sure to replace it prior to upgrades.

      tbh - I do not like vb5 much at all. It seems weaker than previous versions and more difficult to work with. I wish I had bought xenforo.

      best regards,


      quick update: I just applied the changes and it worked perfectly - thank you again.
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