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  • Navigation Bar Issues

    When I try to edit the Navigation Bar in Site Builder, it replaces all text with navbar_itemName. For example, if I make a navigation item and call it Rules, it will always be replaced with navbar_rules. This occurs on the Sub Navigation Bar too.

    Steps to recreate issue:
    1. Turn on Site Builder and click Navigation Bar.
    2. Add a new navigation or sub navigation item.
    3. Click Save Changes. The title now appears in its correct format.
    4. Refresh the page. The title now shows as navbar_itemName.

    General Information:
    1. vBulletin 5.2.0.
    2. PHP Version 5.5.9.
    3. MySQL Version 5.5.46.
    4. Additional plugins and add-ons are not installed.
    5. The style is the same as the vB5 Default Style, except for a few color changes.
    6. We use English (US).
    7. This behavior can be seen on all browsers.

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    Try running these two queries:

    DELETE FROM cache
    DELETE FROM cacheevent
    Then try the navbar edits again.

    NOTE: Do not run DELETE queries on ANY other table - you will break your site.

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      Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, that did not work. The same behavior on the Navigation Bar occurs.

      Is there anything else to try? Do you need any information from me?


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        We tried the recommended solution, but it did not work.

        I even tried it a second time: I removed the affected Navigation Bar items. I saw data in cache and cacheevent, and after clearing those again, it showed the data length for both to be zero. I then went to add the Navigation Bar items again, and upon refreshing, it reset Groups to navbar_groups. As I was repeating this process multiple times, it worked once. Surprised, I tried editing the title of that item, and upon refreshing my changes were not saved.


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