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Important issues. Lost of posts, lost of attachments, internal deadlinks

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  • Important issues. Lost of posts, lost of attachments, internal deadlinks

    Dear all,

    After almost a month of vbulletin 5.1.10, we are still encountering important issues (ticket issued too) that, not only haven’t been solved, but –most important- haven’t even been answered by tech support. For most of the issues, we found a workaround, until someone reply to us, but there are infrastacture problems of grave importance which can’t be solved.


    a. During our upgrade from vb 4.x to 5.x, we lost posts. And we mean replies that held a topic’s cohesion and allowed all of us to follow a conversation.

    b. We have lost quite a lot of attachments!!!! The vast majority of our forum’s topics contain pictures of things that we try to preserve. We urged our members to use vbulletin’s module of pictures uploading, only to find out that the pics would have been much more safe, if we had chosen an image hosting service in first place. And to make things even worst, this started from vb 4.x and we upgraded to 5.x to stop it! What an irony….. PS:The images are held inside the filesystem.

    c. Another “gift” from the upgrade, is that we ended up with a banch of internal deadlinks, because the topics’ id changed without a logical pattern and we have topics that should be referring to other topics; instead, they go to a big black hole (nowhere that is)… Bonus: we had again the same issue when upgraded from vb 3.x to 4.x. You never fixed that back then and from what it looks like, you did the same now, too. Do you realize how much time and effort does it take to restore all those internal deadlinks and find /guess where those were referring to?

    Please advise us how to proceed. We can provide you with administrative rights and the necessary codes, upon requests.

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    That's a shame to lose so much just for an update. Did you do a backup before upgrading to were you can go back to 4.x.x or even create another temp site with the old db and vb4 to copy and paste the important stuff? I know that's not a proper fix but its better than being kicked to the curb while you wait for something to happen here. no offense to any staff here, but we all have seen the pitfalls of vb5 lately and hope that things will get better. I always liked vb4 and don't know why i thought upgrading would be best for my site.


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      I forgot yesterday about going into your Maintenance and rebuild topics/posts search index, etc. I am pretty sure there is a post about upgrading from 4.xx to 5.xx that you must rebuild all your posts and everything just to be sure the new index's and everything get put back into place.


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