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    How can I raise the number of attachments I can not find it in the Control Panel of the forum

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    You will find it in:
    User Groups>User groups manager pick the group to edit then click on go.

    Then go down to Forum permissions and change Maximium Attachments per post. Then in User Album Permissions also change Max number of album pictures. Once finished go to bottom and update.


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    Ok i have hit a hurdle with this.

    Trying to upload 290 pictures into a post but i am getting this message.

    "You may only attach up to 250 files per post"

    I have the setting at

    Max picture comments per page = 500
    Max Attachments per post = 500
    Max Number of album pictures = 500

    ? Am i missing something else or is there a max limit in the software.


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      Probably a software limit if I was to guess. Even 250 pics sounds like a lot though. That post will take forever to load especially if the attachments are held in the database. I have posts on my forum with 15 to 20 attachments that are slow loading. That's why I chose 10 pics as my limit per post.


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        I crunch my photos to around the 100kb each before loading so far haven't had anyone complain about slow loading and my mobile phone loads them up real quick.

        I have been slowly increasing the number from 5-10-50-100-200 then went to 500 and found the limit at 250 i think.


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          That would end up like 25 megabytes per post. On my desktop, that's no big deal, but if I were viewing the posts on my data plan on my mobile device, I'd probably not load anymore after the first one. That's a lot of $$data$$.


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