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Upgrade from VB4 to VB 5.1.10 issues

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  • Upgrade from VB4 to VB 5.1.10 issues

    We are VB customers for 10 years and we have recently upgraded from the latest 4 version to 5.1.10 and we are facing lots of issues, some of which are the following:

    1)When pressing the Camera button, not all of the user albums are displayed on the left column. I, myself, have 20 albums and only 11 are displayed.

    2)When selecting MORE than 3 pictures from an Album in the Camera pop up window, only 3 are displayed as attached pictures in the box (and now it is not the Max Attachment per Post, as it is set to unlimited to both Usergroups and Channels).

    Also to access the Camera pop up, we must scroll to the top of the page (no ordinary forum user will think of that!)

    3)Our codepage is Greek and the Search and Tags do not work (they used to in VB4!!!)...they display no results. Temporarily we removed the Search from the header!

    4)The sorting in the New Topics is a tragedy… not matter what we do in json, we get random order instead of descending. Code available upon request.

    5)Where can I see the Visitor Messages in the User Profiles? noone can locate them.They are displayed in New Topics, but when we click them, we get to an empty page… RESOLVED

    6)We have missing attachments(pics) in posts, which (the pics) are contained in Albums (and they are still available in there). That is major!

    7)When I mark a word as link and carry on writing, whatever I write it is contained in the link even if i change line. Formatting does not stop in some way

    8)When we have messages in Greek and we edit the post, after pressing the Source button the message is turned into something like unicode definition (??) Something like
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Clipboard01.jpg
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Size:	105.9 KB
ID:	4336099

    The same happens with some buttons that contain translated text.

    9)We are suspecting that the post number of posts has changed causing wrong inline redirections! We are investigating. That is major as well.

    10)New Topics dont work for Unregistered Users. Instead it opens the Advanced Search screnn in which even if the Captca is inserted correctly, the system rejects it as false.

    11)Cannot add pics to existing Albums

    We went for VB5 so that we have no issues like 9) or the 1) or 6)

    We are a large forum and our members are very displeased with the new situation. Please help

    Thanx in advance
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    Any updates on these please?


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      Hoping that this might speed up the process:
      • vBulletin Version: 5.1.10
      • PHP Version: 5.6.16
      • MySQL Version: 5.5.44-MariaDB
      • Any Addons installed: More Share Options VB5 by BOP5 (Free Version) VB5 - v1.0.0
      • Does the issue occur in a default style? yes
      • Does the issue occur using the English language provided? no. Greek. We noticed though, that most of the problems are happening to English as well.
      • Error message on the screen': posted above in initial post
      • Browser and Browser version used: all modern browsers (firefox, chrome, safari) - all updated in latest versions..
      • A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue: Not sure if this is possible. However, we can provide you with a test account, so that you can have a look for yourselves.

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        Ah...another forum killed by vBulletin 5

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          I would suggest restoring your vb4 installation and backup database for the time being and work out your issues on a test installation before taking it live again. You will lose all the posts since the upgrade but it will give you time to work things out.


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            very sorry to hear of your problems...unfortunatley we are still begging and pleading for some of these basic functionality issues to be repaired...

            especially album stuff...which seems isnt considered important enough so far?

            1. hadnt even noticed that one yet....great

            2. i think those 3 may be preview pics...your saying after u publish the post correct? you could be able to click and open a slideshow to all the images, but yes regarding actually using album images in post content is still totally messed up, with a chance that they will take away the limited functionality that is currently there, which last i heard was considered a bug.

            4. yes.....this is verified issue even on this site you can idea how that can still be the case this long after release but yes unfortunatley thats the current reality

            5. visitor messages should display on the main user profile page...they should flag notifications and in that recent activity area of the user profile, you can also filter to "only" show visitor messages.

            6. im honestly not sure they are even aware how much ppl likeuse album pics in threaded i mention in #2, it doesnt seem to be supported to create content this way atm...HUGE frustrating problem for us as well!

            7. i have also noticed this....very annoying...even the "remove format" button doesnt work...i usually end up having to copy and paste other text then deleting it just to change format

            great list....i would also like to see these issues fixed or even to hear a comment from dev team about these basic functions that do not work for a long time now..but instead they press ahead with odd things like soo many theme development while theres issues like these i do not understand...


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              5. What IggyP said. You can also add a Visitor Messages tab via template hook. See code at

              GIPHY for vB5 AutoLinker Auto-Create Flag Report Topic Social Icons in Postbit Clear Cache Cron DragDrop Upload Topic AJAX AutoUpdate Custom Avatars Selector Stop Links in Posts...and more!


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                Any updates on the issues we face?

                Thank you


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                  A ticket has been issued since yesterday. I hope we get an answer. Our userbase is furious...

                  Ναι Όχι
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                    6)We have missing attachments(pics) in posts, which (the pics) are contained in Albums (and they are still available in there). That is major!

                    I have found a script for vb3 -> vb5. But I couldnt rewrite it. I started a thread at -

                    BUT no luck with answers.

                    I think this script should be supplied by - looks like an hours work for a developer.


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                      I have no replies to my issues and I have another bunch of problems to face (I am waiting to solve these first)

                      No reply from you.

                      No reply to the ticket that I issued more than one week ago.

                      OK you say I cannot have a refund because I downloaded the software. What if I get no support and my community is collapsing day by day?

                      Plz ammend


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                        I bought a specialist for the last issues. Now my forum is extremly fast ( and everything works fine.

                        Waiting for 6 - bought that from a programmer.


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