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  • Changing login Side

    I need to change the side of login to left, because the adsense policy I can not unfold menus on top of Advertisement

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    I believe you can change the position of it in the css, Not 100% sure.

    Or try removing the ad on the top and adding it on the bottom of the page or even the sidebar.


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      It should be centered as I helped you before until you increased the width of the site. But even if centered, the advertisement may be obscured by the login box for small screens (e.g. tablets). In other words, I wouldn't worry about the ads being obscured as it will only be covered when logging in and not all the time. I don't think that's against adsense policy.

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        I think elegant posture login form I just am afraid to have any future issue as editor, if you believe that this is not a problem. I will calm.


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