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Channel Permissions - Special - What are the defaults?

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  • BarkyJ
    started a topic Channel Permissions - Special - What are the defaults?

    Channel Permissions - Special - What are the defaults?


    We had some issues with our channel permissions, and this was fixed via a support ticket, however with the latest version of the vBulletin 5 software, there seems to be a bunch new areas under Special which I have no idea what they are for.

    Under Special, there are things like Private Messages, Infractions, Albums etc.
    What are these exactly?
    What should be the default for each type of usergroup?

    The reason I ask is we got a message from a Registered User, who posted in the 'Private Messages Forum' of our forum.
    We got the email that this was posted, and clicking on the link resulted in an invalid link.
    What is this Private Messages forum for, along with all the other things under special?
    What should the default permissions be for the like of Unregistered Users, and Registered Users?

    We have no blog, we dont use fancy features, we just have a forum, with albums disabled, we dont use infractions or reputation or anything like that. Private Messages are enabled for people who want it, and Users disable it if they dont want it. For what is the Forum associated with Private Messages? I cant work that out.


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