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New Installation Problem

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  • New Installation Problem

    I have just installed VBulletin 5 and the installation was successful however it seems that I can only access the admin page by using the core directory the correct path takes me too a blank page and so does the forum.

    I have searched the forum to try and find a fix for this but dont seem to be able find anything that will help me correct this problem. I do think it is probably a htaccess problem and I have already tried some of the suggestions made in the forum which have not worked for me so far.

    I know that accessing through the core directory is not the correct way but the admin panel is visible using the core, and the forum takes me to this page, which also looks like something is wrong somewhere.

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    If blank page, usually there are 2 index file. The index.html is blank, removed this you will see your site.
    But I can see your forum but it is totally broken. I encountered this once for older installation. I need to change the php to php 5.3 in the .htaccess

    But yours is latest one. Maybe your php used for the hosting is not php 5.4
    you can ask your host what to add in .htaccess to change to php5.4
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      I still need to figure out why I can only get into the admin using the core directory, it states in the installation manual as being the wrong way, but I cannot find anywhere which explains how to fix that problem. Can someone he;p or direct me to further explanations on how to fix the problem.

      When I click the Site Home Page in the Admincp, it leads me to a blank page
      You need to access your vBulletin 5 forums from forumroot and forumroot/admincp. It should not be accessed via the forumroot/core directory except for the installation and upgrade wizards.


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        This looks like an .htaccess issue. Try editing that file in the /forum directory

        Change this line:

        #RewriteBase /

        RewriteBase /forum/

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          Thank you Glenn, this is one of the topics I did read and I have tried that but it didnt work for me unfortunately. So am stuck now what else it could be. I am using a Mac so considering doing a new installation on my windows laptop as I have read somewhere about possible problems with Macs and ftp


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            I am getting so frustrated now with this I have tried everything I can think of and searched everywhere for an answer and still cannot get this forum to work properly, i wouldnt mind but I have followed the installation manual to the T and re-installed 4 times now. Is there anyone who would be happy to have a look for me I would be prepared to pay.


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