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  • Issue?

    So I changed my logo, added a new forum. Went back to my site about half hour later.
    The logo had vanished and I now have this
    "< id="vb-page-" class="l-desktop page1 vb-page view-mode" itemscope itemtype=""> " Showing above adminCP bar when viewing the site.

    Any ideas?

  • #2
    It appears to have fixed itself after deleting cookies. Strange.


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    • sudbury8
      by sudbury8
      My site went down last week ,the server crashed .Thank god I had a back .the problem now is that I cant upload my logo after the back up were installed ??.The logo was there before the site went down....
      Tue 2nd Jul '13, 11:00am
    • z-at-ox
      Can't change logo after update
      by z-at-ox
      After I updated and my logo got corrupt, when i try to change the logo with the site builder I get this error.

      Error uploading the logo.
      Please try again.
      Thu 26th Sep '13, 11:37am
    • yv3013
      Logo has gone missing
      by yv3013
      Hi, My logo has vanished and when I try and load it up again nothing happens.
      all that shows is a little text "logo" on all my pages.

      What did I do wrong to mess it up?...
      Fri 27th Nov '15, 7:21pm
    • wickedfate
      Changing logo doesn't work
      by wickedfate
      When I try to change the logo using the site builder, I select the new logo, and it saves, but when I refresh the page, it goes back to the vbulletin logo.
      Wed 10th Sep '14, 2:50pm
    • dustoff99
      by dustoff99
      How do I get rid of the logo from site builder? It didn't work for me when I tried to add a custom one via site builder, decided to just ftp it where it needs to go.
      Mon 16th Sep '13, 1:36pm