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Installing patch 2, v5.1.9

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  • Installing patch 2, v5.1.9

    I am having a mental block on this. step 3) Run install/upgrade.php in your browser., How is this done? Is it self explanatory when files are overwritten, does a pop up come up and explain the steps? Sorry, feels like Monday all over again.

    So this patch isnt installed as patch 1 was? copy/paste/accept changes?
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    I updated, and did not run any install or upgrade because there is none included in the package. The site shows it is patched to latest. I take it that the instructions were misleading or only took into account people that were upgrading to 5.1.9 with level 2 patch.


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      Running the installer shouldn't actually be necessary as far as I am aware. I've updated the release announcement to reflect this. I am sorry for the confusion.
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        Thanks William and Wayne!


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