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  • BB Code Problem

    Hi everyone!
    On Wednesday I bought 5.1.9, installed it and felt myself happy )) My happiness wasn't so long:

    When I post message using Latin keyboard (topics, signature, blogs etc) with formatting (Bold, Italic) and use BB codes - all is fine. And I see the result as it has to be.
    But, if I change my keyboard to Cyrillic, I can see Russian letters, but at the same time editor doesn't work correctly: in the posted message I see all formatting symbols.
    Example attached

    When I decided to buy this version I used official site demo version (3 days free) for a few times, there was no such problems, it was all fine with Russian.

    As I can see on this forum Cyrillic formatting works fine. Привет.

    I have sent 3 requests to Support, but problem wasn't solved, I just received an answer that Russian is not supported. I actually didn't ask about language, I asked about formatting.

    Maybe someone here can help me please?


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