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    I noticed that when I look at my site on a mobile device like an iPhone, it functions OK, but some things are wack. Im wondering if I upgrade someday to Vbulletin5 +Mobile connect, does that mean I have to reinstall vbulletin on m site and then lose all the work Ive done on my site? or is the upgrade pretty seamless? Ive gone to the vbulletin site, but its hard to figure out...wondering what others think...thanks

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    It's not seamless. It's not even remotely close to seamless. You won't lose your data but you will lose your theme(s) and customizations, add-ons, modifications, template edits, etc.

    There's no reason to upgrade if vB4.x works for you. There are quality mobile theme solutions available if you look around.


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      Thanks! So basically if I have vb5 and if I made some customizations that I like, I should stay with it....I guess then to make my site more mobile friendly, it would just take some tweaking of the site?


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