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Where is Content for Threads and Posts Stored in Database

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  • robinantill
    Thanks for your suggestion which has worked really well for me. I did see the option to search at 'table' level but it was confusing with all the various search options available. However starting at the root database level was a lot easier. I was able to select 'Search' and then entered my search term as a wild card %search term% I was then able to select 'the exact phase' and finally Selected All Tables. This went through all the tables and found the relevant search terms I was looking for.
    I did back up my database before I started doing anything. I also regularly back up at various stages throughout. I did get caught out before when I tried to replace all the http:// with https://
    Glenn Vergara
    My forum board only consisted of customer enquries so there were very few instances of a link to a http address. What I did after searching and replacing all http with https was to search for all broken links. I use Zenu which is fantasic. It goes through your site and finds all broken links. It also finds all re-directed links and between these two options I was able to find the links which should have been left as http. There were only four.
    The Blog section which I've added was transferred over from my Wordpress Blog and all of the blogs were written by me

    For any one else who is thinking of search and replace - in the instance of changing the http to https you need to ensure you be very precise in what you want changing. For instance I had several links initially which did not changed the first time I tried. most had changed to https but not all.

    What I did initially was to Search and Replace all instances of http with https and this created lots of problems so I had to restore the database and start again. The result was that all instances of changed to which was perfect. However all links which were already a https address was changed to httpss because search and replace saw http in the start of the URL and replaced it with https which broke the links. What you need to do is to search for http:// and replace with https:// which worked perfectly.

    Thank you for all the help given. I think that I've finally migrated to vBulletin 5 Connect. I've also converted the site from standard to a secure site and also been through and amended any rogue links etc.
    Last edited by robinantill; Sun 25 Oct '15, 3:44am.

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  • Glenn Vergara
    I wonder why you're replacing all instances of http to https in all the posts. What if a url points to a site that doesn't have SSL?

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  • Lynne
    There is the node table also. But, I hope you are running these queries on a test database first, verifying everything works, and then doing it on the live site. You should NOT just run queries like this on the live database with a backup and without trying it first on a test site.

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  • robinantill
    It's the actual words in the thread itself or the blog. I found that using a SQL query as follows:- UPDATE text SET rawtext = REPLACE(rawtext, 'http://', 'https://');
    This replaced all instances of http:// with https://.
    There were other instances which I needed to find and replace but didn't always work.

    This is why I was wondering whether there was any words (content) in a different table other than the 'database/text/rawtext' table
    If all the words are in this table I don't need to worry there is somewhere else to look. Logically there should not be any where else to look.

    Just managed to find out how to search using %wildcard% to find where the content is. Thanks.

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  • In Omnibus
    Specifically, which content? Different content is stored in different tables. You might also be able to replace the desired content with a SQL query depending specifically on what it is you are looking to replace. You should be able to locate whatever it is you are searching for using a SQL search string. Alternatively, if you have PHPMyAdmin installed you can use its built-in search function to locate any string:
    • Select the database
    • Click 'Search' tab
    • Choose the search term you want
    • Choose the tables to search

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  • Where is Content for Threads and Posts Stored in Database

    I've worked out that there is content is stored in database/text/rawtext as I need to find and replace some content on my board. However there appears to be some posts not in that table.
    Can anyone tell me is there any other tables where the content is stored.

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