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Where are Blogs and Forum posts Stored in Mysql

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  • Where are Blogs and Forum posts Stored in Mysql

    I've changed to a secure server which means that I have loads of posts which have the http:// prefix but need to be https:// prefix. i would like to search and replace in the Mysql database but can't work out where the content of each blog post or forum post is stored. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    I found this page
    Following the instructions I was able to search and replace all instances throughout the database. Problem solved.


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      Following up on the above do NOT use this method. the above code went through all tables and changed all instances of http:// to https:// and broke my database. This was, I believe, that some of the URL's changed related to other sources which should not have been changed.

      What I did was the following. I ran this SQL Query at the root level of the database. i.e. my database was called Server: localhost:3306 ยปDatabase: wwwleisu_vbulletin5

      In this database I selected the SQL Box and posted the following into it.
      UPDATE text SET rawtext = replace(rawtext, 'http://', 'https://');
      I then clicked on GO
      and all instances of http:// were changed to https://
      but only in the Table where most of the content (words) of the Forum Board or Blog threads are stored

      The above code will work on any Tables where you want something replaced.
      Just change the Table you want to work on from text to whatever and change the Column in that Table from rawtext to whatever.

      Always back up your database BEFORE you start.
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