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  • Trendri
    Vb 5 Blog Post going to Default Forum Page Template
    by Trendri
    I have been battling with vbulletin blog. When i create a members blog and post in the category the post redirect to my forum homepage. The actual blog post url will appear but the template been used...
    Sun 8 Oct '17, 4:24pm
  • Carrfixr
    by Carrfixr
    Are members able to create more than one blog? Even with all permissions set to yes, (channel permissions and main) as an Admin I can only make one blog. I don't see an option if I want to make another...
    Mon 31 Dec '18, 5:34am
  • Dapol_andy
    Blogs and Channels
    by Dapol_andy
    Hi, Apologies if this has been posted before; I have searched, but couldn't find any references. I believe I may have messed up the blog template somehow?
    Here's what I did:
    • I need to categorize
    Mon 28 Mar '16, 7:51am
  • ATForum
    Blog page format
    by ATForum
    The blog page that I see, looks very much like the pages for the forums and groups. Is there a page template that looks a bit different? Also while I”m here, I notice there’s a vBulletin Connect and...
    Mon 25 Feb '19, 9:38am
  • nickjtrahan
    Blog Module?
    by nickjtrahan
    I accidentally deleted the blog page when I started working on my website - I'd like to reinstate it if possible. When editing page, I do not see a "blog module" option. How do I go about adding...
    Sun 2 Nov '14, 7:40am