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  • vB 5.1.8 Lightbox in Posts

    I'm working on a vBulletin 5.1.8 site at the moment, slowly getting things in order for a site migration and relaunch. I've uploaded a test image and it shows up in a post just fine. Is the lightbox no longer available? When I click on the thumbnail the image just shows up on its own page and I have to go back a page to get to the forums again.

    The server is on Ubuntu 14.04. LAMP Stack with PHP 5.5.9, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.4.7. I've tried out on the custom style and on the default style with the same result, no lightbox.

    Should I be seeing images in lightboxes in threads or has this behavior changed?


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    If you add images via the "Share Photos" button (the camera icon in the top left corner), these images open in a lightbox. If you add them as an attachment (via the paper/paperclip button), then they show up on their own page. I think I have seen an improvement request somewhere in JIRA that both methods should support a lightbox, but I am not sure.


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        Thanks. That clears things up. There's a lot I need to get used to with 5. I'm going to guess that upgrading to 5 from 3.8.7 is going to make all images be attachments, so an improvement like this would be nice. Voted for it on the tracker.


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