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    VBulletin vr. 5.1.8
    Database mySQL / innoDB
    Server AWS / Linux

    I am nearing the end of a development cycle on a test copy of VB 5.1.8 which I upgraded from 5.1.1. The 5.1.1 server is live and has been in operation while I was configuring and updating the test server. What I would like to do is update only the posts in the database then point the DNS to the QA approved test server. I have seen in other posts that it has not been possible to do this on previous versions of the site, and would require some understanding of SQL statements.

    The reason I want to do this is the upgrade did not go smoothly on the test server. I feel that If I do a straight msql-dump onto the test server I will undo all the work I've done and re-introduce bugs into the system. Things I fixed via AdminCP, which I assume are stored in database tables.

    I have an understanding of MySQL and a willingness to try different things. All I really need to know is, where are posts / images / user data stored? Which database tables would need to be backed up that would not impact admin options.

    Any help is welcome.

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    After doing more research I found out about Impex.
    It says "Please note that the ImpEx system is written for version 3.5.0 and higher." so it is my hope that it will work with VB5.X

    This seems like what I need to update the users, posts, and non-admincp settings type items from the database. Research continues...

    -- Update --
    I have found the lair of ImpEx, now known as VBIMPEX! as per this
    You can find it here:

    The instructions can be found here:

    Going to try this. Wish me luck, if you're listening out there.
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      IMPEX is not designed to do this, and doesn't work with vB5 anyhow.

      If you were to use IMPEX on an existing vBulletin installation, it would change all your thread ID numbers, thus breaking all your links in search engines such as Google.

      However, as mentioned IMPEX won't work with vb5 anyway.

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        Is there another, similar solution?

        I feel like the expected process is to start by putting the production forums into maintenance, then do the upgrade, fix any issues that occur, and then put the forums out of maintenance mode, is that right?


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          There is no supported way to upgrade only the posts. There are many database tables in vB5, many of which are interdependent. Data for posts is stored in multiple tables, there is no posts table you could just update.

          The only supported way to upgrade, is to run the full upgrade script.

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            Hi Mark B.

            Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your direct response to the questions.

            I suppose the test server was a good way to make sure the update wont ruin every thing. Time well spent, perhaps.

            All the best,


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