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Avatar issue, not all are working!

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  • Ralffan
    Problem with avatars after upgrade from vb4
    by Ralffan

    After upgrading from vb4, all users seems to have the default image as their avatar. I see the dafult in every profile and in postbit.

    However, there must be a setting...
    Sun 18 Mar '18, 5:04am
  • DemOnstar
    Avatar stuff
    by DemOnstar
    What is happening with the avatars here of late? I see text that bleeds out of their allotted boxes and it looks messy. Is this some kind of protest by the people that held an avatar before?
    Mon 8 Apr '13, 9:26am
  • ETDeadShot
    Avatar Manager
    by ETDeadShot
    I have read this was dropped in vB 5.x however we have the need to assign avatars based on groups. It worked fine in 4.x but that feature is missing from 5.x. Anyone know of a way to do this or a mod...
    Thu 10 Jul '14, 9:27pm
  • KC Weirdwolf
    Use A Default Avatar
    by KC Weirdwolf
    Sorry...I'm going to have lots of questions.
    Our old VB4 site before upgrading to VB5 had a set of default avatars logos for our different leagues. The avatars are displayed when I choose to "edit...
    Fri 9 Dec '16, 8:08am
  • sutto
    Avatar resizing
    by sutto
    Hi Guys,

    I've noticed with vb5 that avatars are being re-sized down to ~64x64 regardless of what permissions have been granted to the usergroup.

    For instance, the Admin usergroup...
    Wed 5 Jun '13, 11:45pm