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  • Invalid AJAX method called

    We run vB5 on nginx. Cron jobs don't work - javascript returns an error, upon further inspection the reason is that running this url directly: ajax/apidetach/cron/run, it returns ""Invalid AJAX method called" (whereas a testing WAMP setup returns valid JSON response).

    Where this needs to point out, so that we can try to setup a rewrite rule in nginx?

    (Additional observation, in hope that it might be helpful but not quite sure if it's correct, but it seemed to me that on the WAMP install the request for /ajax/apidetach/cron/run is processed by function handleAjaxApiDetached() in applicationlight.php and the public function index($route) located in ajax.php is not triggered/plays no role
    whereas on nginx install it's routed likely in error through ajax.php, index function, where the value of $method will be set to actionApidetach, and subsequently, because such method doesn't exist, error "Invalid AJAX method called" is returned. )

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    Are you using the latest rewrites?


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      According to our server admin we use custom Nginx rules: "We use custom Nginx rules because their rules didnt work at all". (We started with vB5 at 5.1.6, I checked and the rules in install files didn't change since then.)

      I have to quote him, so that it doesn't get lost in my translation:
      "Please tell me the correct URLs and expected results to maybe try to create a new custom rule for ajax.
      I dont know what ajax/apidetach/cron/run is supposed to do and where it needs to point."

      Do you please have some info I could provide him?


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        Can you give me what you're currently using, just the rewrite bits.


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