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why no one helping in support ticket?

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  • why no one helping in support ticket?

    i open support ticket from last week and no one really awnser
    please any one can help me ?
    this is the issue i posted in the ticket
    i run the upgrade script after i remove the site files to root directory and change the domain to new ane
    all site works fine just i have issue when i edit article
    after finish edit the article and i press on "save changes" is gives me error "Error loading post." and if i refresh the page looks like that the changes are saved, now i see that this problem is in all site,any edit i made to article or forums or in site builder, i get the same error, and the progres not complete,
    this is the ticket url
    this is the error i get in site builder
    Error saving page.

    (Error code 200)
    Please try again.

    can please check whay i get this error or maybe can fix it ?

    thank you.

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    The support ticket and forum's is slow, you need to have patience.
    What steps that has followed?, between more contribution on the problem, will best support.


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      If you use the LINK attribute in vbulletin, a page can't be edited and saved over after changing a link.

      Does this happen in articles only? Or in all the forums where you are changing the LINK option.

      It could be a bug.

      Also when your uploading your files, you can't just replace them, that doesn't work. You need to take all the files and completely overwrite the previous directory. If you do this, I'm sure your issue will be resolved. By the looks of it you may have deleted and replaced when you are supposed to overwrite.


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        thank you for your help
        cool now is fine.i made the changes you sugestions
        only one problem i left
        when i use the "Turn Your vBulletin On and Off" the site is not shows,
        this message
        The website cannot display the page
        HTTP 500
        Most likely causes:

        • The website is under maintenance.
        • The website has a programming error.
        or this Critical Error

        We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please check back in 24 hours.


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          Please activate the debug mode to have a more detailled error message and/or look into your error.log file for further info.


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            after i paste this

            $config['Misc']['debug'] = true;

            to config.php what i need to do next ?
            how i know where to fix the issue ?


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              You need to upload the config.php file back up to the server.
              Then view the page where you have the error, there should be a more detailed error.

              Note that in vB5 you'll need to do this in the config file that's in the root folder, not in the /core//includes/ folder.
              You need to look for this line:

              $config['debug'] = false;

              Change it to this:

              $config['debug'] = true;

              Note that this is slightly different to the instructions in the manual.
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