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Sitemap not working with Google Webmaster Tools

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  • Sitemap not working with Google Webmaster Tools

    1) Settings -> Options -> XML Sitemap -> "Sitemap File Path" is set to the default "./store_sitemap". This is showing an error "You did not enter a valid value for this setting.", exactly the same message, which is displayed in the manual for vBulletin 5.

    2) There is a folder /core/store_sitemap on the server, and several files, are stored there. It is index.html, temp.tmp, and four .gz files -

    I added /xmlsitemap.php to Google Webmaster Tools (I've seen this path somewhere), and it recognizes these files, but they dont work. I am getting an error message, like this:
    "Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Please validate and resubmit your Sitemap."

    And Google Webmaster Tools is showing examples, like this:

    So, it finds it, through /xmlsitemap.php, but it does not work.

    Please let me know, what the correct settings for this, should be.


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    I've just checked, and it does not work with Bing Webmaster Tools too. Maybe I should create a directory called /sitemap, in the forum root, add this to the settings (the one which is showing an error now), and then point to this, from Webmaster Tools (Google and Bing). Please let me know, what would be the best way to go. The shorter, and the cleaner the url for the sitemaps, the better too. If this could be something like or, it would be the best.



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      You need to enter the full path in the sitemap settings, see this posting as reference:


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