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Pm's take ages to send and load

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  • Pm's take ages to send and load

    when users pm ( I have tested several accounts and my own)

    You reply to a PM click send the page then goes white and it then reloads the entire page this can take anywhere from 3seconds to 6 seconds and is annoying for users.

    When posting on the main forum it updates the thread instantly and doesn't reload the entire page

    I have gone through and optimized the MySQL PrivateMessages table which is only 3mb.

    How can I speed this up as its annoying allot of people on the board.

    is there a way to make it like the main board where it just updates the page without reloading the whole page or some work around?


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    It's a weird page - the post gets added without the refresh of the whole page, but then for some reason the whole page is refreshed after the post is added. I'm not really sure why that is but I do know that there isn't some setting to toggle to stop that.

    Do you have any modifications on the site at all?

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      no mods installed its annoying as the rest of the site is lightning fast


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