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Ticket # 1405746 not being answered

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  • Ticket # 1405746 not being answered

    Started this ticket on May 28th. It's now June 6th and I am still sitting here without a forum that is unable to function. This software has been dead out of the box and I've been pleading for support and nothing is working. Should I just get a refund since I can't this software working properly? I have not customized it or wanted anything special. All I wanted it to do was work and after weeks of messing with it, I still do not have a functioning piece of software. I really liked the look of this one and preferred to use it over UBB or PHPBB, but if there's no support for it, then we can't use it.

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    What seems to be the problem?
    If you are having trouble with the software installation then look for a file named config.php in the root of the upload folder (if it's or anything else then rename it to config.php).
    Navigate to core/includes and find a similar config.php file (if it includes "new", make sure to rename it to config.php).
    Open this file and fill in the requirements. Everything you find in it has a pretty straightforward description and it shouldn't be hard.

    Then you perform the basic web-installation procedure and you are good to go.

    Kind regards,


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      Your forum is operational. You just have to approve posts manually. Other higher priority issues have taken precedence and more time that one would like to spend on individual issues. I will get to it as soon as I can.
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        I upgraded the ticket and changed the password to something that works. Please try one more time. Thank you for your help.


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