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When moving thread to another forum it just vanished?

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  • When moving thread to another forum it just vanished?

    I tried to move some threads / topics from one forum to another, when I do so the thread just disappear? This wasn't before a few upgrades. Any idea what this can be?

    No 2 issue after upgrade. Can't upload pictures any longer, "critical server error" it says when I try. I just made an upgrade to Version 5.1.6 patch level 1 for 1 hour ago and after that, no pictures can be uploaded!

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    1) You moved your thread to a forum channel and not a blog or other channel somehow?

    2) More information is needed. What version of PHP are you using? Are you using the GD library or Imagemagick Library (Settings -> Options -> Image Settings)? If you put your site into debug mode is more information give?

    Please, enable debug mode on your site. Follow these instructions.
    1. Open your /config.php file and find the following line:
    $config['debug'] = false;
    2. Change this line to:
    $config['debug'] = true;
    3. Save the file and upload it to your server.
    4. Open the /core/includes/config.php file and find the following line:
    // $config['Misc']['debug'] = true;
    5. Change it to:
    $config['Misc']['debug'] = true;
    6. Save and upload the file to your server.
    Reload the page you had the error on.
    Translations provided by Google.

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