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How do I hide the Members list in 5.0? And other whosonline display questions

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  • Wayne Luke
    All that does is hide the link from users. It doesn't prevent anyone from accessing the page. There are no page permissions in vBulletin 5.

    You see the tab as an Administrator because if you followed my instructions, you have permissions to see the tab as an Administrator. Anyone outside the Administrator group would not be able to see the tab but since there are no page permissions, if they have it bookmarked, they can still see the page. Changing the name and url of the navigation tab doesn't change the name of the page and it doesn't change permissions of a page. You set it to direct you to an invalid page and are receiving the appropriate error. Changing the name of the page by editing would still redirect because that is what the system is designed to do. Broken pages are a bad experience both for the user and the system.

    In 5.3.4, we've extended permissions to individual modules and you will be able to hide the module more completely.

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  • RUBE
    Hello Everybody,
    Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
    1-3) Or if you only want some users to see it, then click the Edit link (pencil icon), and edit the permissions for the link. There is no specific permission to prevent people from linking to it though. However you can go to the URL, edit the page and change its link to something no one would know.
    I performed the above to give administrator only privileges and changed the name of Navigation Item Name: & Target URL:...
    Item name & target url changed but it takes me to the new target url name but I get error>> Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page...

    I can still go to I also tried another browser & I also cleared cache on both browsers too.

    I'm running vBulletin Version 5.3.3

    What am I doing wrong?
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  • Wayne Luke
    I am sorry for the delay. Naturally there will be lower coverage over the weekend and the team will focus on ticket support over forum support. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of business.

    1-3) Remove the page from your navigation. Enter Site Builder, Click Navigation Bar. Click the trash can next to the link. Or if you only want some users to see it, then click the Edit link (pencil icon), and edit the permissions for the link. There is no specific permission to prevent people from linking to it though. However you can go to the URL, edit the page and change its link to something no one would know.

    4) GO to the front page, Enter Site Builder, Click Edit Page. Click on the Modules Tab and drag the Who's Online Module to where you want it on the page. Edit the module options if you wish by clicking on its pencil icon. Save the Module, Save the Page.

    5) Not all features are carried over from version to version. This is one of the reasons why we recommend users install in a test directory before doing a major upgrade. There is a pretty good learning curve from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 5. They are completely different pieces of software.

    6) This is resolved in 5.1.7

    For your last issue, you would need to restore the .htaccess required on your site and provide a username and password so we can recreate the issue. Best way to provide a username and password is to open a support ticket.

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  • Jayhan
    I cannot even post any longer with this new crappy VB 5.0. All I get is this error now. What a joke. Hundreds of bucks for crapware.


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  • Jayhan
    2 days now and no response, no support. I know that most of the VB staff are quite good and helpful but are overwhelmed with the creature from the Island of no return called VB 5.0. I have decided to simply jump ship and go with another company that doesn't offer high priced nutware that doesn't work. After being a loyal customer for over 7 years I am disappointed.

    VB 5.0 is an ongoing disaster akin to the Titanic. Whoever it is that made the decision to release this lump of ill begotten code and call it software needs to have their head examined because it has ruined vBulletin. I can get better free software that actually works. I am never going to make another purchase from Internet Brands (IB) as long as I live.

    Upgrading to VB 5.0 single handedly ruined my forums, stole a few hundred hours of my time over the last 2-3 weeks, emptied my pocketbook of a few hundred bucks which I guess I consider a donation to IB. The moment I decided to jettison Vbulletin and simply walk away, the headaches, queeziness and general feelings of depression, disgust and and desire to eat human flesh have altogether vanished.

    I am on a lifeboat but feel bad for those who are going to go down with this ship. It's been a nice 7 years. The staff at VB are great. But the Captain of this ship is determined to go down with it. Godspeed!

    Products that don't work cannot by right be called software. Perhaps Icebergs, or garbage. I foresee a class action lawsuit. Some day, the wrong person is going to purchase this software, perhaps a lawyer or just a determined pissed customer. Just sayin...

    And to all the great support staff who have helped me on my forums over the last 7 years, thank you! And remember, there are other real software companies that still make quality products, finished products, and aren't run by people like Captain Edward J Smith. My advice is run away from here to them as fast as you can run. There is still room left in the lifeboats. What was once a mighty ship is sinking fast! It's going to go under...

    Click image for larger version

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  • How do I hide the Members list in 5.0? And other whosonline display questions

    1. I had my member list hidden in 3.8.6, but now it is back in public. Members have full access to it. I have spent hours and hours looking for the old Admin functions and they seem to have been stripped away. I once had the simply ability to make it hidden, but now it seems I am forced to leave it public. How do I hide the members list from members being able to view it or access it in any way?

    2. Also, how do I hide the active members notation on the whosonline module? I don't want it there and had it hidden for my own very good reasons.

    3. Where are all of the whosonline functions I had in VB 3.8.6?

    4. How do I get back the rolling 24 hour whosonline list on the front page of members visiting the forums? This was a very simple way for me to get a pulse of the forums over the last day without wasting ANY time clicking around, as well as an excellent way of banning spammers.

    5. Also, Why was the CC and BCC functions removed from the PM in the 5.0 forums? It seems that anything which was handy for Admins and Mods in administering and modding the forums has been removed. I thought this was an upgrade which means getting to keep all of the good stuff from the old and getting new good stuff from the new. Not the case here.

    How can the CC and BCC functions be restored? And please answer my questions in step by step instructions that someone who isn't a webmaster can understand. Much appreciated.

    6. Also one last question; The "Whats going on Module" list most users online, YET, resets itself every day. e.g. Most users ever online was 1,699 at 01:36 AM on 9 May 2015.

    This was 600 the other day, and 1800 the day before. Now this will change again tomorrow. How can this be fixed?

    Also, in VB 3.8.6 it was modifiable. How can I get those functions back? For instance, the most users ever online in one day is 78, 786 people. That is what I want to show because thats what the most users ever online really is. So how can this be fixed and modified?

    Last edited by Jayhan; Sat 9th May '15, 5:21am.

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