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    I've recently upgraded my forum from 3.8.3 to 5.1.6. I have two users who have complained about the forum being really slow. I haven't gotten complaints from any other users, and I haven't experienced this myself. The two comments below are from the same user. He mentions a fast internet connection, but no information about the speed of his computer/tablet. I have another user with an older tablet, who says that the new software taxes his tablet, but nothing like what is being described below. Any thoughts?

    Just going from one page to the next, the forum struggles and grinds for several seconds. Also, the cursor catches and jumps periodically when typing.
    Still so VERY slow? Sometimes it literally takes a full minute for the whole site to load so you can begin typing a post after logging in (and this is a high speed connection at a corporate site); sometimes the "echo" (if that's what they still call it) is so slow that you can type a whole paragraph while the cursor never moves and you figure nothing actually was typed, and then a minute later the whole paragraph appears. Scrolling any page (whether logged in or not) is jerky and VERY slow (like go to another site and read something else while you wait for it to scroll). And posting takes so long (like 30 seconds) that you think it did not post, so you click a second time, and then end up with a double post.

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    Ask them to go to to check their connection speed.

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      Your site is a bit slow for me but nothing drastic. I am using a connection that is 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload and it takes about 4 seconds to load the front page. This compares to 2 seconds loading the page here. This can be exacerbated on older devices with slower rendering engines. Often what people attribute to page load is actually page rendering. gives your site A ratings for speed.

      One thing you can look at is the cache table sizes in your database. If these get too large they can slow down the site. If your cache tables are over 1 GB in size, you'll want to clear them. You'll get a speed boost to your site and hopefully a more manageable cache size. The tables in question are cache and cacheevents. You can empty them in the AdminCP under Maintenance -> Clear System Cache.

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