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Issues Uploading Images

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  • stsjs
    Can someone please me help with this issue??

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  • stsjs
    started a topic Issues Uploading Images

    Issues Uploading Images

    Looking to get some assistance with an issue I'm experiencing in uploading images. When all the images are stored in the database, I can upload images from the hard drive no problem. However, I moved all the images to the file system and, although the images were being uploaded to the server, they would not display. Here's a run down of what I was doing and some more details about the products being used:


    - Ubuntu 14.04
    - vBulletin 5.1.5
    - PHP 5.5.9
    - ImageMagick

    Task (Image stored in database):
    - First I downloaded and saved a PNG image locally
    - I logged into the my forum and went to "My Profilie"
    - Hovered over the profile picture and selected "Edit Avatar"
    - Browsed to the image I saved and selected it
    - Image saved successfully

    ** Images moved from database to file system **

    Same process as above, but this time the image would not display. After logging into the AdminCP and looking at the user's profile, I looked at the Avatar (with Chrome's Inspect Element feature) and noticed that it was pointing to a ".gif" file. I'm unsure why the vBulletin software is pointing to a ".gif", when I specifically uploaded a PNG image. This only occurs if I have the images on the file system. If I move the images back to the database, the images display just fine. Any idea why the system is looking for a "gif" instead of the type that I specifically uploaded?

    Note: I also tried this with a JPEG image and it ended with the same result. So it's not specific to just PNG images. I've also tried various images, from many different sites, and the result is always the same and not specific to just one image.

    We would prefer to store our images on the file system and not the database. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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