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PhP broke my front page

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  • 2Luke2
    Module to call php code
    by 2Luke2
    I'm trying to create a module that will run a php script. below is my php script. I guess I just don't know well enough how to make that run on the forums. I tried to put the raw data in a static html...
    Wed 13 Feb '13, 7:08am
  • NumNum
    Unable to go into "Edit page"
    by NumNum
    I'm unable to edit a recently created page. I had access to edit the page, but recently the "edit page is greyed out to edit, and doesnt respond when selecting it. In fact, when clicling on edit...
    Mon 13 Feb '17, 4:08am
  • HaychTeeKay
    Revert a page?
    by HaychTeeKay
    I've just been editing my site and added a new PHP module to the user settings page, sadly now the page for all users shows up blank, no nav, no nothing. Is there a way I can revert the change to the...
    Tue 4 Feb '14, 10:50am