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  • Wayne Luke
    Passwords are not shown in the AdminCP. This is a security risk and the original password is never stored in the system anyway. Only a hash of it is stored. The Password field in the AdminCP User Profile is there only so you can change a user's password if need be.

    Run this query on your database:
    truncate table strikes;
    Are you using a CDN Proxy like CloudFlare?

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Check the manual...

    In the Do no upload folder are some tools to reset the Admin password.

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  • testusername1231231
    started a topic Login Password rejects everything

    Login Password rejects everything

    I just installed the newest vBulletin 5, created 4 admin accounts for our team here and now none of us can get in. We just get the login error over and over. The password reset through email is not working. It just keeps giving the error. 5x later it tells you wait 15 minutes. Nobody can login.

    When I checked the user accounts in the AdminCP with my Super Admin the password field was now blank on all of the other Admin accounts. Even if I entered a new password and saved it the CP would tell me Saved Successfully, but when I go back in it's still blank, and they cannot login either way.

    Once I logged out my Super Admin it did the same to me. Now we are all locked out. Please advise!

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