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do not send emails to new register ?

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  • do not send emails to new register ?

    The registration does not receive a confirmation email. Tried reset administrator emailgmail in email but not receive a response. Even tried to send the password function for nick in the administration but is not? I'm using version 5.1.6

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    My config

    SMTP Security: SSL
    SMTP Port 465
    SMTP username: [email protected]
    SMTP password: ******
    SMTP host:


    SMTP Security: TLS
    SMTP Port 587


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      If emails are not working, you should be running the email diagnostic function. AdminCP > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Email Test

      If you get no error message, and receive the email, ALL EMAILS are being sent, and there are no problems with the vBulletin side, or server side of things.

      If you get an error, you need to tell us what that error is.

      If you get no error, but do not get the email, vBulletin is sending the emails out just fine, but the email is not reaching you. This can be from:
      - Sending server not configured correctly to send
      - Receiving Server Rejecting emails
      - Receiving account rejecting emails

      The only thing we have any control of is vBulletin itself, and as long as the diagnostic runs and sends the email out, vBulletin is working.

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