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Forums suddenly now not loading, fault with vb5?

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  • Wayne Luke
    Empty your cache in the AdminCP under Maintenance -> Clear System Cache.

    You might look into installing MemcacheD and use that for caching instead of MYSQL.

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  • ToneEnthrall
    started a topic Forums suddenly now not loading, fault with vb5?

    Forums suddenly now not loading, fault with vb5?

    Hello there.

    I've had 5.1.5 for just over a month now and as of the past 36 hours, the forums are now loading at a painfully slow rate.


    Our website homepage loads quickly and efficiently as you would expect. We upgraded the resources provided to us by our host 48 hours ago which gave both the homepage and the forums a significant boost. But in the past 36 hours the forums take 60+ seconds to load the forum index (or any other page within the forums) if it even decides to load at all.

    We have disabled images and javascript to see if it would alleivate the performance issue, but it was to no avail. The database is showing no errors and is also amazingly slow.

    Does anyone know what may have caused vb5 to hang and not load? Our hosting account has a lot of resources allocated to us, so we don't believe that can be the issue. If anyone could help we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.

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