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Problems with editing/deleting pages... now duplicate modules?

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  • djcaseanova
    Would I need to reinstall to fix this issue?? Can I simply reupload all the core files, or will this be a complete reinstall, database and all? IF I have to do a complete reinstall, is there a way to save the forum structure? This is a brand new install to begin with, just didn't want to go through creating all the forums again.

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  • Problems with editing/deleting pages... now duplicate modules?

    vb 5.1.5

    I created a page this afternoon as a test, it was a 'media template' page. I received a database error via email regarding the page. I am now trying to delete the page but can't find it! I went to "edit page" and just happen to see these modules (video) has three listed. Two of those modules have new links below them for edit, rename, and delete. When I click delete it says "Deleting not yet implemented".

    I have not seen this problem before trying to create a page. Now I can't delete the page or even find it for that matter, and have duplicate modules.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 7.27.43 PM.png
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